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Megan C Moodie
  • Title
    • Associate Professor
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Anthropology Department
  • Affiliations Feminist Studies Department, Film and Digital Media Department, South Asia Studies, Legal Studies
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    • Social Sciences 1, 306
  • Mail Stop Social Sciences 1 Faculty Services
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    • 1156 High St.
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064

Research Interests

feminist theory, political and legal anthropology, post-socialist studies, indigeneity, affirmative action, development and microfinance, reproductive politics and maternity, film

Additional specializations: in experimental ethnographic methods and writing, emerging creative nonfiction genres, and the use of fiction in/as critical social science

Geographical Areas: South Asia, East Europe, and the United States


Languages: Hindi, Romanian, Spanish


Popular media publications:

Hip Mama http://hipmamazine.com/megan-moodie-letter-from-a-gen-x-mom-with-soundtrack/


MUTHA Magazine http://muthamagazine.com/2016/11/the-full-baby-scrum-or-dear-mothers-in-chronic-pain-by-megan-moodie/


SAPIENS.org http://www.sapiens.org/culture/constantin-brancusi




Biography, Education and Training

Megan Moodie (B.A. Skidmore College 1998; Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, 2006) is Associate Professor of Anthropology, specializing in feminist political and legal anthropology and experimental ethnographic writing. Her book, We Were Adivasis: Aspiration in an Indian Scheduled Tribe, appeared in the South Asia Across the Disciplines Series with the University of Chicago Press in 2015 and her scholarly works have been published in the journals American Ethnologist, Signs, Economic and Political Weekly, and Focaal, among others. Moodie’s popular essays on motherhood, art, politics, and illness can be found in literary journals such as Hip Mama and SAPIENS.org. She is also the curator and editor of the Margaret Mead Journalism Project, which aims to bring the best of contemporary anthropological thought to bear on pressing social issues in a popular media forum. At work on a novel set in India and the U.S., much of Moodie’s work pushes the boundaries between ethnography and fiction, biography, and reflective essay; she is currently exploring the relationship between aesthetics and analytics in ethnographic practice and textual production.

Selected Publications

We Were Adivasis: Aspiration in an Indian Scheduled Tribe. South Asia Across the Disciplines Series. University of Chicago Press. 2015.