A Message from our Graduating Students to our Incoming Students

October 04, 2020

lesliedelatorre.png"During my time at UCSC, I found that the UC Center Sacramento Program was extremely helpful in helping me grow as an individual. The experience of interning at the capitol changed and further informed my perspective on the law, and it helped guide me toward my current career goals. I would also recommend incoming students to work toward creating bonds with your professors. These won't happen overnight, they are relationships that take work and dedication. Always check in with the people who are guiding and mentoring you. Lastly, don't let fear of change or going out of your comfort zone hinder your growth! Believe in yourself and remember to be patient and kind with yourself as well."


Leslie De La Torre

Legal Studies and Latin American / Latino Studies


briannabacajpg.jpgWhat helped me the most during my undergrad as a LGST student was making connections. Create study groups, make at least one friend in all your classes, and don't be afraid to talk to your TA's and Professor's. By making friendly conversations I was able to receive guidance that helped pave the way to finding a job post-grad. Say yes to any and all internships and job opportunities no matter how small they are; all experience is important! I made use of STAR and EOP resources, and made a habit of seeing my advisors every quarter to make sure I was on track. Good luck and try to have fun through it all!


Brianna Baca

Legal Studies and Psychology