Major and Minor Degree Requirements

Major Requirements - 11 courses

Lower Division Course Requirements - 2 courses (1 course from each bullet point)

  • LGST 10 Introduction to Legal Process
  • PHIL 9 Logic or
    PHIL 22 Introduction to Ethical Theory, or
    PHIL 24 - Introduction to Ethics: Contemporary Moral Issues
Constitutional Law and Global Law requirement - 2 courses (1 course from each bullet point) *each course can be used to fulfill only one requirement*
  • LGST 111A Constitutional Law or
    LGST 111B Civil Liberties
  • LGST 116 Comparative Law or
    LGST 160B International Law

Core Course Requirements - 6 courses (2 courses from each bullet point)

Comprehensive Requirement—1 course 

  • LGST 195AB Senior Thesis OR
    LGST 196 Senior Capstone


* Each course can be used to fulfill only one requirement

Minor Requirements - 6 courses

To complete a minor in legal studies, students must take LGST 10 (pass with a grade of a C or better) and five upper-division legal studies core courses numbered 101-190 of their choosing (Lgst 10 + 5 Lgst upper-division courses).

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