Writing/Study Tutor Program

The schedule for drop-in tutoring sessions for Spring Quarter 2019, Weeks 3-10:

Day, time, tutor name, and location for each of the four writing tutor session each week.
Day of the Week Time Tutor Location
Monday 11am-1pm Jessica Matlock Cafe Iveta
Tuesday 3-4:30pm Marleena Sonico Namaste Lounge
Wednesday 1:30-3:30pm Jessica Matlock College 8 Cafe
Thursday 1:30-3:30pm Suhansi Perera Viva's at Merrill College

What is it?

This program enables students in Legal Studies courses to attend 30-minute drop-in sessions for one-on-one guidance on writing assignments, study tips for exams, or general strategies for succeeding in legal studies classes. All of our tutors have experience and success in Legal Studies core courses and completed training to learn strategies to overcome writing challenges and specific approaches for legal studies assignments. (They are friendly. too.)

Who can use it?

Students enrolled in any UCSC Legal Studies course.

When and where will it occur?

The schedule and locations will be established at the beginning of each new quarter. We try to provide several different blocks of time to try to accommodate different class and work schedules.

Please see the Google Calendar for this quarter's drop-in sessions and locations.

How can I find out about cancelled sessions?

We try hard to maintain the schedule, but tutors occasionally need to cancel a session due to illness or family emergencies. We will try our best to post any cancellations to this calendar, and apologize in advance for the inconvenience. We are a very small student program, so we don't have any back-up tutors.

How do I find the tutor?

Look for the person with the yellow tent card! Since our tutors usually meet students in group spaces, such as McHenry Library and Namaste Lounge, they will set up a yellow tent card with "Legal Studies Writing Tutoring" and their name on it.

How can students get the most out of a tutoring session?

If there is a particular assignment or skill that you want to work on, please try to bring all relevant material with you to the session -- such as the course syllabus, writing prompt, assignment guidelines/rubric, study guide, etc., as well any notes or drafts you have developed. Tutoring sessions are usually most productive if students have already tried to at least develop some tentative ideas for a topic, some key points, or a rough outline or draft.

Please be aware that Legal Studies Writing Tutoring is not a replacement for other important tutoring services at UCSC, such as those offered by LSS and the Politics Department. Rather, our service is intended as a complement, and it operates from a different model, and with somewhat different goals. Our focus involves providing a) individualized/one-on-one drop-in sessions to students who want to work on particular Legal Studies course assignments or skills; b) it is offered by student tutors experienced with our major (Legal Studies majors and minors) who have both strong substantive knowledge and strong writing skills; and c) our tutoring can be used by any student in any Legal Studies course and does not require setting up an appointment or committing to a set of writing sessions.