Navigating the University

Welcome to Legal Studies (Lgst) at UCSC! Navigating the univeristy for the first time can be challenging and it's important to know which offices can help you and best answer your questions. Legal Studies Advising can help with:

  • Creating an academic plan for the Legal Studies Major
  • Choosing courses for the Lgst major
  • Reviewing major qualification requirements for graduation
  • Process Legal Studies Major Declarations
  • Verify transferable Philosophy course for the major (Philosophy requirement is the only transferrable course. All other Lgst courses must be taken at UCSC) 
  • Updating academic plans for readmission (Providing an updated plan is only one of the steps in applying for readmission. You'll want to begin by connecting with your College Advisor first and they will provide you full information and guide you on the readmission process)

While Legal Studies is unable to help with the following, here is where you can find the right office:

  • Troubleshooting IGETC - Information  here / troubleshooting: Admissions Office 
  • Verifying AP Credit - UCSC Portal / troublshooting steps here
  • Verifying Transfer Credit - Information here / troubleshooting: Admission's Office
  • Satisfying GE's and units - College Advising Office (this will vary, depending on your college affiliation
  • Withdraws / Leave of Absences - Definitions and procedures here
  • Withdrawing from a Class - Information here / additional support - College Advising Office


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