Undergraduate Program Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the major, undergraduates with a B.A. in Legal Studies will have met the following objectives:

  1. Describe, explain, and compare the sources and functions of law in the US and other national or international contexts, including drawing on theoretical perspectives, institutional perspectives, and social/cultural perspectives;
  2. Analyze the role of laws, courts, and other legal institutions in broader society, including the historical, social, political, and economic contexts in which it operates;
  3. Evaluate the operation and function of legal norms, practices, and systems/institutions from a variety of disciplinary and social perspectives;
  4. Apply and critically evaluate arguments about legal principles and norms, practices, and institutions based on logic and evidence, and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives; and
  5. Develop and communicate well-organized, persuasive, and well-supported written and oral arguments and analyses regarding law and legal issues based on appropriate empirical and/or theoretical evidence and logic.