Transfer Students


Transfer students considering the Legal Studies major at UCSC are strongly encouraged to complete most, if not all, general education requirements during their prior college/community college experience. Transfer students are also strongly encouraged to complete a philosophy course in ethics or logic at their prior institution, which can be used to fulfill one of our basic major requirements (UCSC philosophy courses PHIL 9, PHIL 22, or PHIL 24). To ensure that students are on track for meeting these goals, they should connect with their community college advisors for guidance and course planning.

Transfer students cannot declare the Legal Studies major until they complete LGST 10 Introduction to the Legal Process at UCSC. However, they can designate Legal Studies as their intended major and begin working toward the major as soon as they arrive at UCSC. Transfer students who wish to pursue the Legal Studies major should arrange to meet with the Legal Studies Undergraduate Adviser as early as possible to discuss plans for enrolling in LGST 10, declaring the major, and major course planning. Transfer students should bring a copy of their UCSC Transfer Credit Summary to the meeting with the undergraduate advisor. They are also strongly encouraged to attend the UCSC Summer Orientation Transfer Day and UCSC Summer Academy, if possible. This will help ensure a smooth transition.

Questions? Email or visit the undergraduate adviser in Merrill 27 during advising hours.

Transfer Credit

Courses from another institution can only be considered for the UCSC Legal Studies major if they are accepted for credit by the UCSC Admissions Office. Courses taken through Education Abroad Program (EAP) are automatically accepted for UCSC credit.

For more information on how to receive credit from another institution, see the UCSC Navigator, Educational Options section.

Other Services

STARS provides the extra academic and personal support transfer, re-entry, and readmitted students may need to benefit fully from their education at UCSC whether they are full-or part-time. STARS is here to assist students with their pre-admissions questions, transition concerns, academic support network, and post-graduation planning. Students will find drop-in assistance from professional staff members and other resources.

For more information, visit STARS website at

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