Disciplinary Communication (DC) & Comprehensive Requirements

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement

Students in every major must satisfy that major's upper-division Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement. The DC Requirement in the Legal Studies program is satisfied by completing one of the following three alternatives:
  • LGST 111A Constitutional Law and LGST 160B International Law 
  • LGST 195A Senior Thesis, LGST 195B Senior Thesis, or LGST 195C Senior Thesis
  • LGST 196 Senior Capstone

Comprehensive Requirement

Students can satisfy the comprehensive requirement in the Legal Studies major by successfully completing one of the following:

Senior Thesis (2-3 quarters) - Completion of a senior thesis of a minimum of 50 pages with a substantial research content, supervised by a Legal Studies faculty member.
  • LGST 195A Senior Thesis
  • LGST 195B Senior Thesis
  • LGST 195C Senior Thesis
Senior Capstone - The capstone is designed to provide an interdisciplinary integration of themes related to the study of law and includes a substantial writing requirement.
  • LGST 196 Senior Capstone


** Courses must be taken at UCSC. Comprehensive requirement cannot be fulfilled through EAP (Education Abroad Program) or UCDC.