Disciplinary Communication (DC) & Comprehensive Requirements

In the Legal Studies Program, completion of a senior thesis or senior capstone will satisfy both the DC and Comprehensive requirement. 

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement

Students in every major must satisfy that major's upper-division Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement. The DC Requirement in the Legal Studies program is satisfied by completing one of the following three alternatives:
  • LGST 111A Constitutional Law and LGST 160B International Law 
  • LGST 195A Senior Thesis, LGST 195B Senior Thesis, or LGST 195C Senior Thesis
  • LGST 196 Senior Capstone

Comprehensive Requirement

Students can satisfy the comprehensive requirement in the Legal Studies major by successfully completing one of the following:

Senior Capstone - The capstone is designed to provide an interdisciplinary integration of themes related to the study of law and includes a substantial writing requirement.

  • LGST 196 Senior Capstone 

Senior Thesis (2-3 quarters) - Completion of a senior thesis of a minimum of 50 pages with a substantial research content, supervised by a Legal Studies faculty member.

  • LGST 195A Senior Thesis
  • LGST 195B Senior Thesis
  • LGST 195C Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is 2-3 quarters long and is an intensive, independent research project where students will need to find a faculty member to sponsor them through this project. 

Planning should begin at least one quarter in advance. Students should:

  • Write a 1-page research proposal of the topic they would like to complete a senior thesis in
  • Reach out to a Legal Studies faculty member to request them to be their sponsor (providing them with their research proposal) / to meet with them
  • Although not required, students are highly encouraged to review the faculty member’s previous work  or courses they have taught and connect with the faculty member whose field of study most closely relates to their project
  • Once a faculty member agrees to sponsor the student, the student, and the faculty will both complete and sign the Independent Study Form, detailing what the assignments and project will consist of (additional readings, etc.)
  • The student will then email the completed form to the Legal Studies advisor at legalstudies@ucsc.edu. The Lgst Advisor will then provide the call number on the form and sign off. 
  • Student will then use the call number to enroll in the course for the following quarter once they enter their enrollment period. Upon successful enrollment, student should see Lgst 195A in their course list. 
  • Student will need to reach out to the advisor each enrollment period in order to obtain a call number to enroll for the next course in the series (195B, 195C)

** Courses must be taken at UCSC. Comprehensive requirement cannot be fulfilled through EAP (Education Abroad Program) or UCDC.


Senior Check Form

Students can use our Legal Studies Degree Checklist to verify progress and that they will be completing the Legal Studies Major by their expected graduation term. Once students complete the form, they can share their checklist with the Legal Studies Advisor who will be able to confirm that they are on track to graduate.

Please note that this checklist is only for the Legal Studies major. Students will need to check in with their college for GE / unit verification. For double majors/minors, students will need to check in with each department.