Declaring the Major / Minor

To declare the major in legal studies (deadline to declare fall quarter - TBA):


  1.  Complete and pass LGST 10 with a grade of C or better;
  2. Fill and complete the Academic Planning Form
    1. See below for instructions on how to fill out the Academic Planning Form or you can refer to our FROSH Sample Academic plan or TRANSFER Sample Academic plan.
    2. ** If you are already declared in a major, please obtain an updated-signed academic planning form from your major advisor. Once this has been obtained, connect with the Legal Studies advisor to get declared in the minor.
  3. Once you complete the form, please share the google sheet with along with a message noting you are wishing to declare the major. Our peer advisors will review your academic plan and once verified, they will pass along your form to the Advisor to finalize your declaration.


To declare the minor in legal studies:

  1. Complete and pass LGST 10 with a C or better;
  2. Obtain an updated-signed academic planning form from your current major advisor(s)
    1. Please note you must declare a major first before being able to declare a minor
  3. Email the Legal Studies Advisor at along with the updated academic planning form requesting to declare the minor.


Filling out the Academic Planning Form:

  1. Academic Plan
    1. Fill in your information at top
    2. Adjust years on left-hand side to reflect years of attendance
    3. Fill in Lgst courses you have enrolled in under the appropriate term
    4. Fill in remaining thematic areas needed to be taken (for example, "Lgst Theory, Lgst PLI...")
      1. For Lgst minors: note "Lgst Upper-div"


Need helping filling out the forms? Reach out to our peer advisors here!



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